Quick Start: Payment Info (not needed for Shopify Seller)

You are almost ready to enjoy the full package of the SellerSkills application. But first, you should add your payment information.

Click [Add Payment Info] to proceed.


If you are the owner (seller) of the Shopify Store and added the Shopify channel to the SellerSkills, you will be charged by Shopify Billing System. In this case, Payment Info is not required, just skip this step.

OR you may choose [Skip] and back to the page later.

In the "Payment Info" form, you have to specify payment details and billing address.

In the"Payment Details" section enter the required information:

1. First Name*;

2. Last Name*;

3. Credit Card details*:

  • Card number is a number located on the front of your card and either printed or embossed in raised numbers across the front of your card. It usually consists of 16 digits, although it may be anywhere from 12 to 19 digits.

  • MM/YY is an expiration date of your credit card. It is on the front of your card. MM is for month and YY is for year.

  • CVC (CVV) is a 3-digit number placed on the back of the VISA, MasterCard and Discover cards and 4-digit code printed just above the account number on the front of the American Express cards.

  • Adding some credit cards, it may be required to enter ZIP.

ZIP code of the credit card is the zip code associated with a credit card's billing address.


ZIP code information of your credit card must be the same as Zip Code specified in your billing address.

In the "Billing Addres" section you have to specify:

1. Address*;

2. City*;

3. Zip Code*;

4. Second Address;

5. Country*;

6. State*.

* Fields marked with an asterisk [*] are required to be filled in.

** To set"Country" and "State", you have to click the [Dropdown] icon and choose from the list.

Check the payment information and to confirm click [Save].

*** It's recommended to read our Terms Of Service before confirmation.

When process is completed, you get a notification.