Multi-channel Listing Management

To start your listings management, you have to click [Listings] in the top menu and choose the required sales channel from the drop-down list.

If you choose the [Manage Channels] option, you will be redirected to the "Channels" tab. There you are able to connect a new sales channel, edit or delete the current ones.

Listings of the connected channels are sorted into four tabs: draft, active, out of stock and inactive.

Draft listings are created, edited but not published listings.

Properly edited and published draft listings are moved to the "Active" tab.

Published draft listings with occurred errors and warnings are moved to the "Inactive" tab. If issues have been solved, and inactive listings have been published, they are moved to to the "Active" tab.

Active listings with deficient quantity are moved to the "Out Of Stock" tab. If quantity is updated to the sufficient level, out of stock listings are moved to the "Active" tab.

Closed active listings are moved to the "Draft" tab.