In the "Warehouses" tab you can edit current warehouse details or add new warehouse.

Having filled in your warehouse address, you will save your time while buying custom labels in the future, as you do not need to specify it manually every purchase.

To add new warehouse, click the [Add location] button.

Full instruction you can find here.


Currently you can use only one Warehouse.

To edit details, click the [Edit] icon in the line with the chosen warehouse and go to the warehouse locations page.

In the "Warehouse Locations" form you can change the following data:

1. Location Name*;

2. Address*;

3. City*;

4. Zip Code*;

5. Second Address;

6. Country*;

7. State*.

* All fields marked with an asterisk [*] are required to be filled in.

To confirm changed information, click the [Save] button in the bottom of the page.

You get the notification if the process succeed.

To abolish changes, click [Cancel].