Import Products

You are able to upload files with less quantity than 100 000 rows in each file.

To import products, follow these steps:

1. Click the [Import from] button in the "Products" row.

2. Choose CSV or Excel file format of the imported file.

After that, you may click the link "file template" to download the sample of the CSV or Excel file and check whether the imported file is filled in properly. If it's needed, look through the guidance "How to complete this template?"

To learn more about how to save files as CSV or Excel files, follow the links " How to save as a .xlsx file?" or "How to save as a .csv file?"


Afterward, you can proceed the importing process.

To upload an appropriate file, click the [Upload] icon.

Or click the [Upload a Excel file] or [Upload a CSV file] at the bottom of the "Import Products" page.

Then choose the file from the folder on your computer and click [Open] to continue or [Cancel] to stop importing.

* To replace the current imported file, repeat the uploading process and choose the required file.

Having uploaded the file, you have to choose one of the options below:

1. Create New Categories from Category Name;

2. Create New Category for Importing;

3. Select Category for Importing.

1. To create the new categories from the categories specified in the imported file, choose "Create New Categories from Category Name".

2. To create a new category for imported items, choose "Choose New Category for Importing".

2a. Enter the name of the new category in the text field.

2b. Then click the [Dropdown] icon and set a new category as a root category or sub-categorize it to the appropriate root or sub category.

To create a new category, click [Save] or [Cancel] to abolish.

If new category creating is successful, you get a notification.

3. To import products to the existing category, choose "Select Category for Importing".

After that, choose the category or sub category where to import products.

Click [Save] to confirm or [Cancel] to reject.

Then tick "Do you want the Products with the same SKU be updated?" to update the items with the same SKU identifier.

To finish, import click [Save Changes] at the bottom of the "Import Products" page. To abolish importing do not click [Save Changes].

Afterward, click the [Notifications] icon in the top right corner to check the report.