In the "Business" tab you can edit your company details.

To start, click the [Edit] icon and go to chosen business page.

In the "Business Details" section you can edit:

1. Business Name*;

2. Email*;

3. Phone number.

To change data, place the cursor in the needed text-box and enter new information.

You are able to set your business logo (4) in the "Business Details" section.

To upload new logo, click the [Upload new picture] line.

Then select a new image to upload from your computer and click [Open]:

Or click [Cancel] to abolish the uploading.

To delete current picture, click the [Close] icon in the top right corner of the image or you can upload the new logo instead the old one.

In the "Business Address" section you can change information about:

1. Address*;

2. City*;

3. Zip Code*;

4. Second Address;

5. Country*;

6. State*.

To edit "Country" and "State", click the [Dropdown] icon and choose appropriate data from the dropped list.

To confirm changes, click [Save]. Otherwise, editing process will not be accomplished.

You get a notification about successful updating.

To return to the "App Setting" page, click [Business] in the top left corner of the screen.