Order & Label Flow

In this chapter you can find the main information about:

Orders Statuses

On the SellerSkils panel, all received from the marketplaces and created locally orders are displayed with the following statuses:

  • Pending;
  • Ready to ship;
  • In process;
  • Canceled;
  • Shipped.

Pending status means that the orders have been created on the marketplace, but the buyer's payment has not been completed, or the transaction has failed.

Ready to ship status marks the orders with the completely received payment, and these orders are ready for further processing (ready to ship).

In process status is assigned to the completely or partially covered with the labels orders in the moment when we are publishing them to the marketplace. Also, this status indicates the orders in the process of being canceled for some reason by seller's or buyer's initiative.

Canceled status means that orders were canceled for some reason by seller's or buyer's initiative.

Shipped status is assigned to the completely or partially covered with labels orders which were published to the marketplace. Orders with this status were shipped but not delivered.

Labels Statuses

On the SellerSkills panel the following statuses may be assigned to the labels:

  • Created;
  • Publishing;
  • Refund pending;
  • Refunded;
  • On transit;
  • Delivered.

Created status is assigned to the labels which were purchased. They may be or not associated with the particular orders. Only labels with the created status may be assigned to the orders or be refunded.

Publishing status shows that labels are in the process of being published.

Refund pending status marks the labels in the process of being refunded, and we are still waiting for the shipping carrier's response.

Refunded status is assigned to the refunded labels.

On transit status means that orders associated with these labels are shipped to the buyer (not delivered yet).

Delivered label's status means that the order associated with this label is delivered to the buyer.

Order & Label Flow

Order and label flow is represented in the image below.

SellerSkills application helps you to manage and process the orders from different marketplaces. After an order has been created on any of your connected sales channels, you receive a notification about it in your SellerSkills account.

Order with the completed payment gets the ready to ship status.

Order with the uncompleted payment or with the failed transaction is pending. After we receive a payment, the pending order is changed to the ready to ship order.

Ready to ship order may be canceled or shipped.

Ready to ship order may be canceled for some reason by seller's or buyer's initiative. Ready to ship order in the moment of being canceled is in process. A few minutes later, in process order status is changed to canceled. Information that order was canceled is updated on the connected marketplace too. At this stage, you do not need to take any actions with labels.

The ready to ship order may be shipped. At this stage, you have to create a label assigned to the particular order. Also, the custom label might be already created, and you have to add its tracking number to the particular order.

When label (with created status only) completely or partially covers the order, you can publish it. Created label's status is changed to publishing. A few minutes later, the publishing status turns to on transit.

After the label has been published, the order associated with this label changes its ready to ship status to the in process one, and later it becomes shipped. Changes in the order's statuses are displayed not only in the SellerSkills account, but they are updated on the marketplace, and your buyers can watch the entire order flow.

On transit label, after it has been delivered, changes its status to the delivered one.


If you need to refund the label, you may refund only the label with the created status. Label may be or not assigned to the particular order. After you have sent the refund request, the created label's status becomes refund pending. After the shipping carrier has confirmed the request, the refund pending label's status is changed to the refunded one.

Add Tracking Number

You can add a tracking number of the existing shipping label to the entire or partial orders. As it was said above, you can add tracking number of the custom labels with created status.

To do it, you have to go to to the "Ready to ship" tab on the "Orders" page.

Next, you have to follow one of the steps below:

1. Click the [Three Dots] icon and choose [Add Tracking Number] from the list.

2. Go to the detailed order page:

  • Click the order ID.


  • Click the [Three Dots] icon and choose [Details].

Next, you have to click [Label] at the top of the detailed order page and choose [Add Tracking Number].

Afterward, you have to specify data in the "Add Tracking Number" page.

Firstly, enter a tracking number in the "Tracking Number" field. You can find the tracking number on the "Labels" page in the "Tracking Number" column.

Having filled in the tracking number, "Carrier Name" and "Shipping Service" fields are specified automatically.

Next, you have to pick "Entire Order" or "Partial Order".


Having chosen "Partial Order", you have to tick the check-boxes in the lines with the items you want to edit, and you have to enter the new quantity values in the "In This Shipment" column.

Unless you change the quantity in the "In This Shipment" column, it is set by default as zero.

To finish, click the [Link&Publish] button. Click [Cancel] or the [Close] icon to abolish.


By clicking [Link&Publish], you not only assign the label to the order but publish it and ship order (entire or partial) to the recipient.

If process is successful, you receive a notification, and order's status is changed from ready to ship to in process, and few minutes later, it is shipped.

Also, you can click the [Notification] icon and check the process there.