Postage Wallet

In the "Postage Wallet" tab, you can run autocharge, add funds to your postage wallet with a one-time purchase, and check the transactions activity.

Autocharge Payment

Autocharge helps you to save your time, and you do not need to check your wallet balance each time you purchase custom labels. Due to this function, your wallet is replenished automatically when your balance reaches the value specified in the "Recharge Threshold" field.

By default autocharge is activated with 25 USD recharge threshold and 25 USD recharge amount, but you can turn off this option by clicking the [Toggle] icon.

If your autocharge option is active, and want to change the default recharge threshold and recharge amount, you have to click the [Dropdown] icon of the required field and pick the correct value from the list.


When your wallet balance reaches the specified recharge threshold value, it is recharged automatically.

You can change recharge threshold and recharge amount whenever you need it.

One-Time Payment

To replenish postage wallet in one-time payment, follow the steps:

1. Click the [Dropdown] icon;

2. Choose the needed sum;

3. Click [Purchase].

4. To confirm the operation, click [Yes] or [Cancel] to reject the purchase.

If purchase is successful, you get a notification and postage wallet is replenished in the appropriate amount.

Your wallet balance is displayed in the top right corner of the "Postage Wallet" page, and the transaction activity is shown in the "Transaction Details" field.