Quick Start: Notifications

At this stage, you can set up the notifications about low inventory and new orders for the SellerSkills application.

To continue, click [Set Up the Notifications] or choose [Skip] to customize later.

If you want to get emails with notifications, you have to specify your email address. You may set up to four email addresses.

To add new email, click the [Add] icon and enter the address in the blank field.

To clear the email address, click the [Close] icon once or double click to delete extra email field.

Afterward, you have to set the minimal quantity to get the notification about the low inventory in stock.


Minimal quantity must be positive and not equal zero.

Then choose the type of the notifications you want to receive about the low inventory in stock. Tick either [Email] to get all notifications on your email(s) or [Notification] to get notifications on your SellerSkills account. You can pick both and receive notifications on your email(s) and SellerSkills account.

At the last step, you have to specify what type of notification you want to receive about sales orders: emails or notifications. You may choose both options and get notifications on the specified email(s) and SellerSkills account.

To confirm notification settings, click the [Save] button.

If preferences are saved, you get the notification.