Add Shopify

To add Shopify to the list of your marketplaces, you have to do the following:

1. Enter your account nickname and Shopify shop name in the appropriate text fields.

2. Click the [Save] button.


At this stage, you can activate the function "Shopify as a Main Store" by clicking the [Toggle] icon.

You'll find out more information about this function by following the link HERE.

3. Afterward, you have to log in to your Shopify account.

If connecting is successful, you receive a notification, and you can start importing items from your Shopify marketplace immediately.

At the Shopify integration page you can change account details and preferences.

Account Tab

In the "Account" tab you can edit only information in the "Account Nickname"(1) box.

You can not change the "Shop Name"(2) info at this stage.

To save edited information, you have to click the [Save] button.

Preferences Tab

In the "Preferences" tab, you can specify "Inventory Withdrawal".

To set minimum and maximum of the inventory withdrawal, tick the "Inventory Withdrawal" box and enter minimal and maximal quantities in the appropriate fields. Then click [Save].

Due to this option, you can sell the needed quantity of the items in your marketplace and not worry about the lack of inventory.


Minimal quantity can not be greater than maximal quantity and can not be equal to zero.

The maximal quantity can be up to 999999999 units.

If changes are saved successfully, you receive a notification.

Also, you can unlink your Shopify listings from the SellerSkills inventory by clicking [Unlink All Listings].